I started Top Hat Productions in the early 1990s. Having completed my Bachelor of Arts degree at Monash University, majoring in Film, Media and Spanish, I then completed a Diploma in Education. Soon after, I enrolled in the Australian Film and Television School to complete a multi camera directing course, specialising in directing Drama. I also completed a Video Production Diploma at Open Channel, Melbourne.

When I started Top Hat, I wanted to use my creative skills to produce programs and to film special, memorable events for our clients to re-live and treasure.

Technology today changes continually and rapidly. In order to ensure that our clients receive the optimum product, I use the latest technology in our work. New cameras, lenses and editing equipment are researched thoroughly and tested for their suitability before purchase. My aim is to produce the best possible product with the best possible equipment.

Each specific assignment has individual needs to be met. I carefully select the correct cameras to suit the conditions and the type of function being filmed. Having filmed the event, I then carefully edit the camera work, focusing on creating the best possible final product. After all, we are entrusted with some of the most precious moments in our clients’ lives.

Milton Amezquita – Top Hat Productions

Gaining a world of experience in the news-gathering field, today my focus is more on media training.

With a passion for sharing my knowledge with others, I work with senior managers and Chief Executive Officers, providing them with insights into the world of media as well as advice on how to conduct themselves on camera.

In order to be up-to-date with developments in this field, I believe it is vital to be part of a professional organisation. I am a member of the Australian Video Producers Association (AVPA), and in 2001, after having served on many AVPA committees, I became the president. During my term of leadership, I worked on interstate relations and membership, wrote the newsletters, organised member professional development and guided the committee.

I have continually striven to perfect my camera skills and editing techniques, and am proud to be able to say that some of our productions have won AVPA national awards or been finalists in Australia.

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