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Born in the early 1990’s by Milton Amezquita, Top Hat Productions has since built a reputation in the industry for producing high quality, reliable productions. Winning many well deserved awards along the way, Top Hat Productions prides itself on working with large high profile clients, but also on smaller projects like debutante balls, local sporting events and funerals. Providing a large range of video production services, we’ve got your small or large project taken care of.

Based in the stunning Macedon Ranges, Top Hat Productions covers clients located right across Melbourne and Victoria along with a spread of interstate clients spaced out right across Australia.

If you’re looking for a reliable, trained, and highly experienced team, contact Top Hat Productions today!

Our team

Milton Amezquita and Rosalie De Ridder are the leaders and creative talent behind Top Hat Productions. They engage experienced and creative camera crews, audio engineers and lighting technicians to make up their production teams.

Top Hat - Milton A - 1
Top Hat - Milton A - 2

Milton AmezquitaSenior cameraman, director, producer

Milton started Top Hat Productions in the early 1990s. He completed his Bachelor of Arts degree at Monash University, majoring in Film, Media and Spanish, and then obtained a Diploma of Education. He enrolled in the Australian Film and Television School to complete a multi camera directing course, specialising in directing Drama. He also completed a Video Production Diploma at open Channel, Melbourne.

Milton has had 25 years of experience as a cameraperson, having worked in the field for National Nine News, Channel Seven News and commercial TV current affairs programs.

His work in the corporate sector has given him extensive experience in filming, producing and editing corporate videos and media training.

He has media-trained some of Australia’s most senior managers and CEOs, providing advice in presentation techniques and how to look professional and credible on camera.

This mix of high-level media industry experience and corporate knowledge makes him one of Australia’s most sought after cameramen.

Milton was awarded Australian Video Producers Association accreditation in Video Production in 1997. This Australia-wide industry association ensures a code of professional conduct, as well as recognises those professionals promoting high professional standards.

Top Hat - Rosalie D R - 1

Rosalie De RidderSenior camera person, producer, editor

Rosalie completed a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Diploma of Education at Monash University, majoring in Languages, Linguistics and History.

She has been working in the field of video production since 1995, working as a camera operator and editor for major organisations, producing either single or multiple camera productions.

Rosalie’s experience encompasses a range of scenarios from the corporate sector to special events. She has an extensive background in news gathering for the commercial networks in Australia.

She has been with Top Hat since its inception and has been part of the award winning team either as camera operator or as editor.


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